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Micron Bioactive
Micron Bioactive is a radiopaque, Hydroxyapatite Modified-Glass Ionomer Cement for restoration of primary teeth, core build up, restoration of class I, limited class II cavities and as a
base and liner material. This composition is highly biocompatible and bioactive. Hydroxyapatite provides a positive environments and indirectly decreases the caries susceptibility of individuals.
It has excellent tooth adhesion,
Indications :
1. Core build-up.
2. Restoration of primary teeth.
3. Cases where radiopacity is required.
4. As a base or liner.
5. Class I, limited Class II, temporary fillings, etc.
6. Long term temporary replacement of cusps.
7. Intermediate restoratives and base material for class I and II cavities using the sandwich
8. Class V restorations in non-aesthetic situations.
9. Restorative in the field using the ART technique.
10. Temporary endodontic fillings.
* Ready to use component light cured glass ionomer cement.
* High compressive strength.
* Fluoride release.
* Radiopaque.
* Fast and easy to apply
Intro pack : 2*2g Syringe, 10 X Applicator Tips
Instruction For Use Brochure Scientific Documents Safety Data Sheet
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