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Actino Gel
Actino is a blue tinted viscous gel of 37% Phosphoric acid for etching tooth enamel and dentin conditioning or composite surfaces prior to the bonding of any composites, sealants or bonding adhesives. .
For conditioning of both dental enamel and dentine surfaces before
placing adhesive restoration
37% phosphoric acid to give best dentine etching results
Provides controlled depth of dental etch
Does not dry etched tooth surface
Trial Pack : 1 x 2ml Syringe, 5 Applicator Tips (Ref : 10006-1),

Trial Pack : 1 x 3ml Syringe, 10 Applicator Tips (Ref : 10006-2)

Intro Pack : 1 x 5ml Syringe, 10 Applicator
Tips. (Ref : 10006)

Economy Pack : 4 x 5ml Syringe, 40 Applicator Tips (Ref : 10007),

Jumbo Pack : 1 x 50 ml Syringe Actino Gel, 2 x Empty Syringes 5 ml, 1 x 20 Applicator
Tips (Ref : 10008)
Instruction For Use Brochure Scientific Documents Safety Data Sheet
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