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Chlor X is an antibacterial irrigation and cleansing agent for root canal prior to filling with resin material. It ids effective against certain NaOCI resistant bacterial strains.
* It is potent micobicidal against gram positive bacteria thus far used as a root canal irrigant during root canal instrumentation.
* It is widely indicated as final irrigant during chemo mechanical preparation.
* it is choice of irrigant while performing retreatment root canal procedures.
* It is indicated as an irrigant in apical 3rd of root before retrograde filling during apicoectomy (root end surgery).
* It is a potent irrigant while treating internal/ external resorption cases.
* it is widely used before sealing (Coronal/ radicular) perforation in the tooth.
* It is highly bio compatible to oral tissues.
* It possess optimal antibacterial properties against gram positive & gram negatives bacteria.
* It is known for its pleasant odour & taste.
* It is largely accepted in uncooperative pediatric.
* Non Irritating,well tolerated by periapical tissues.
1 x Bottle ,100ml
Instruction For Use Brochure Scientific Documents Safety Data Sheet
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