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AlloyFill is a regular set, low silver (44% min), high copper non
gamma-2 dental alloy consisting of a constant ratio of spherical and irregular lathe cut
particles (ADMIX). As a result of this, great handling characteristics are obtained. Its high
early strength together with its low static creep value lowers the risk of marginal fracture
and assures long-lasting marginal integrity. It does not contain zinc thus eliminating
problems due to moisture and avoids the corrosive gamma-2 (γ-2) phase. Tin dissolves in
mercury and is preferentially bound copper thus forming Cu Sn which inhibits formation 6 5
of the corrosive gamma-2 phase (Sn8Hg). AlloyFill is designed for mixing with mercury
either in mechanical amalgamator / vibrator or by pestle and mortar.
1. ALL Posterior restorations and any restoration where aesthetics is not a prime
2. AlloyFill is used in combination with mercury in stress bearing class 1, class 2 and class
5 cavities. (Amalgam Restorations).
3. AlloyFill non gamma-2 amalgam can be used for the restoration for all classes of
posterior restoration including post endodontic build up.
Not Applicable
1 x 30g Jar
Instruction For Use Brochure Scientific Documents Safety Data Sheet
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