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Renew Universal
Renew Universal is a light-cured single-component dental bonding agent that combines
etching, priming and bonding in one bottle. A novel universal dental adhesive containing a
unique combination of functional monomers such as 10-MDP and 4-META. It has excellent
bonding capabilities to dentin and cut / under-cut enamel. As a universal adhesive, Renew
Universal has been designed to be fully compatible with light-cured and dual-cured
composite materials. Renew Universal can be used for the bonding of both direct and
indirect restorations and may be used with or without phosphoric acid etchant.
1. Direct bonding of light-cured composites, compomers and ormocers to tooth structure.
2. Bonding of dual-cured core build up composites to tooth structure as long as these
materials are light-cured. 3. Intraoral repair of composite, metal-based and
zirconia/alumina-based restorations. 4. Intraoral repair of ceramic restorations in
combination with a silane coupling agent. 5. Treatment of hypersensitive teeth. 6. Sealing
of tooth preparation (cavity or abutment).
Not Applicable

Intro Pack : 1 x 1.2ml Syringe, 5 x Applicator Tips, 1 x Instruction manual.

Regular Pack : 1 x 5ml Bottle, 1 x Instruction manual.
Instruction For Use Brochure Scientific Documents Safety Data Sheet
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